Exercises in Knitting

by Cornelia Mee, 1846










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Exercises in Knitting, by Cornelia Mee
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Vintage Knitting Pattern


45.  Baby's Shoe and Stocking.


Set on 80 stitches, and knit the top as the Swiss mittens. When deep enough, diminish your stitches to 60. Knit 2 seamed rows in colour, then 2 plain white, and 6 rows of bars, formed by knitting 2 plain and 2 seamed stitches alternately for 3 rows, and then 2 plain rounds, then reverse the ribbing, and so on, with 2 plain rounds between. Divide the back and front—on the 2 back pins 32 stitches, 28 on the front; on the back pins knit 2 more plain rows, on the front continue the bars 6 more rows, and at the end knit 4 plain rows. This finishes the stocking part.

For the shoe, set on 32 stitches of coloured wool on a separate pin: 1 plain row, and 1 row of holes for ribbon to go through, 1 plain row, and then join it to the back part of the stocking, knit 2 seamed rows, 2 plain, 3 rows of bars, and 2 seamed rows. Divide for the heel 12 stitches on the middle pin, and 10 on each side, which you bind down. Continue 3 plain rows on the middle part where there are 12 stitches, and 3 rows of bars; no plain rows at the end; take up each side of the heel 10 stitches, and seam 3 rows. For the foot part, knit 2 plain rows, and 8 rows of bars, before knitting the plain rows to these 8 rows of bars. Set on 28 stitches of coloured wool on a separate pin, and after knitting 2 seamed rows, join it to the front part of the stocking, then knit 2 plain rounds all round to join the whole, but in the back part reduce 4 stitches to make it equal with the 28 in front. Commence the pattern or bars on the back pin, and make the 1st stitch a plain one, at the end of that pin, and on the front one seam 3 stitches to form the side of the shoe, with 2 plain rows as before, narrowing at the end and beginning of the pins. At the beginning of the pins, narrow the 1st stitch, and at the end before the 3 seamed stitches, and only narrow in the plain rows. When you have narrowed to have 10 on the front and back pins, 20 in all, knit 4 plain rows, and finish by turning it and binding down. The front part of the shoe should have 4 rows of bars; join the sides of the shoe and stocking, and knit 4 seamed rows; draw a ribbon through the back part where you made the holes.