Exercises in Knitting

by Cornelia Mee, 1846










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Exercises in Knitting, by Cornelia Mee
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Vintage Knitting Pattern


31.  Two pretty Fringes for Chair Covers, &c.


No. 1. Cast on an even number of stitches for covers, 8 will be a good number, and use double wool. Make 1 by passing the wool round, seam 2 together, repeat; both rows are done in this manner: when sufficient fringe is done, cast off 4 stitches, take out the other pin, and unravel the remaining stitches.

No. 2. Cast on 9 stitches, make a stitch, seam 2 together, make a stitch, seam 2 together, make a stitch, seam 2 together (the wool is cut in lengths of about 6 inches and put in 3 at a time), put in 1 piece of the fringe, knit 2 plain stitches, pass the piece of fringe between the needles, knit the last stitch.

Second row:—Knit the 2 first stitches, knit the third and the piece of fringe together, knit the rest plain, knit the next row the same as the first. Continue with these 2 rows alternately till sufficient fringe is made. It may be done either in one plain colour, or the knitting in one colour and the fringe in another.