Exercises in Knitting

by Cornelia Mee, 1846










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Exercises in Knitting, by Cornelia Mee
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Vintage Knitting Pattern


33.  For Children's Gaiters.

(leggings for the lower leg)


For this, two-thread white fleecy is required, and No. 11 pins. Cast on 22 stitches, and knit 18 plain rows, increasing at the toe every time; there will then be 30 stitches on the pin, 14 of which must be let off at the heel on to a third pin; then knit 24 plain rows without increasing. Cast on as many extra stitches as you before let off, and knit 18 rows, decreasing 1 stitch every row, until only 22 stitches are left. This completes the foot part. For the leg, take up 14 stitches on each side, and 12 in the centre; knit 20 plain rows without increasing, and afterwards increase 1 every third row at each end until 54 rows are done; knit 24 rows with increasing, knit 20 plain rows, decreasing 1 every other row; then knit 10 rows, knitting 2 stitches and seaming 2, without increasing or decreasing; knit 6 plain rows, and cast off.