Exercises in Knitting

by Cornelia Mee, 1846










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Exercises in Knitting, by Cornelia Mee
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Vintage Knitting Pattern


37.  Corkscrew Muffatees

(fingerless gloves).


Five skeins of German wool are required for each: the 2 first and last should be alike, the middle one white. Cast on 24 stitches on each of 3 needles.

First round:—Seam 3 stitches and knit 3, seam 3 and knit 3. Continue this for 2 rounds; then knit 3 rounds, knitting the 2 first and last on each needle plain; the intermediate ones, 3 plain and 3 seamed as before.

The next 3 rounds:—Knit the 1st and 2 last stitches plain, with 3 seamed and 3 knit between them. Three rounds of 3 stitches plain and 3 seamed. Then 3 rounds, the first 2 and last stitches seamed, and the middle 3 plain, and 3 seamed. Then seam the first and last 2 stitches of the next 3 rounds, and begin the whole pattern again, only knitting 3 rounds instead of 2, as at first, of 3 seamed and 3 plain.