Exercises in Knitting

by Cornelia Mee, 1846










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Exercises in Knitting, by Cornelia Mee
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Vintage Knitting Pattern


38.  Fan-Pattern Knitting for a Mitten.


Needles No. 19, and fine black netting silk. Set 30 stitches on each of 3 needles; and, after knitting a top either in ribs or any other pattern, begin the fan, by seaming the first stitch; the second stitch plain, except that you take the outside part of the stitch; seam the third; knit the fourth quite plain; bring the thread in front of the next 6 stitches, and knit them, which makes 13 stitches. With the fourth you knit plain, then seam again, as at first, and so on for 1 round.

Second round:—Seam the 3 first stitches, as at the beginning, and wherever you did in the first round; knit the other 13 stitches quite plain.

Third round:—Seam the 3 first stitches, as in the first round, slip the fourth stitch, knit the next, and bring the slipped stitch over them; knit the others plain, till you come to the 2 last before the seamed stitch; then with your left-hand needle take off the last knit stitch, and bring the one from behind over that, which decreases 2 with the one you did after seaming, and so on for 1 round, and every other, till you have reduced the 13 stitches to 7; then begin again the first round.

It is well to count the stitches frequently, that you may have them even, allowing 3 for the ribs and 7 plain, whenever you begin the fan, so that there will be 3 fans on each needle. When you have 4 or 5 rounds of fans, begin the thumb by bringing the silk forward, and knitting a stitch, which increases 1; then knit a plain stitch, and increase the same as before. This do every other row, till you have as many as you think enough—say 30 stitches; leave the 30 stitches, and go on with the hand part, and finish that off at the top; after, knit the thumb. Observe, in increasing, to bring your silk directly over the stitch you increased to the right hand; and to the left, knit over, and bring the silk in front of the stitch after the increased.