Exercises in Knitting

by Cornelia Mee, 1846










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Exercises in Knitting, by Cornelia Mee
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Receipts for Twelve Chair Covers, in different Patterns.


As the number of stitches required to work each pattern will be mentioned, these patterns can easily be applied for any other purpose, and are most of them well adapted for doilies. Some of the most open patterns are suitable for Shetland shawls; and as the majority of the chair covers are now done in coloured wool, the colours and number of shades will be described; though, if wished in white, the linen thread, No. 1, is the proper material to be used.


Vintage Knitting Chair Cover Pattern


German Pattern of Open Double Knitting, both Sides alike.

Large wooden pins are required for this pattern, which is done in double or eight-threaded wool, in 5 colours that contrast well—claret, gold colour, blue, white, scarlet; and 4 rows of each, worked in the order they are here placed. Cast on 71 stitches.

First row:—Seam 1, make 1, slip 1: this row is only to begin with, and is not repeated, the whole of the knitting being done as the

Second row:—Seam 2 together, make 1, by passing the wool round the pin, slip 1, and repeat. At the end of the row, if correctly knitted, there will be 1 stitch, which seam. When the colours have been repeated 6 times, the cover will be the proper size.

To finish it round, work fringe No. 2, work claret for the head, and put in two lengths of each colour in the fringe.